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Full Version: Better printers
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Hey there Benjamin here long suggestion so I didn't post in the discord plus Tyler's sad cause no one's using the forum so here I am. My suggestion involves removing the old system of money printers and just having one. The new printer would be upgradeable with "chips" so for the bronze "chip" it would make the printer make 100$ over what ever time frame the printers use. Additionally you'd be able to add more chips and the system will stack so adding like a gold "chip" that creates 1000$ will now along side the bronze one create 1100$. Instead of printers exploding instead I propose the chips fizzling out and dying instead being able to be replaced or fixed by a computer technician. Cooling systems can be added depending on the number of "chips" And their quality. A monitor on the side of the printer will display money stored, money being produced, cooling, And potentially heat that can be regulated with cooling. This idea can also include an overclocking system that directly effects how long it takes to print and heat/Cooling ratio
Yeah I do think it's about time we remove the mass amount of printers & replace it with a more realistic money printer to fit the new roleplay idea.

Start looking for models & post what you find here.
I don't think you understood my question.

I don't use other people's addons.
I just need models (props) to make a system with.
Hey there I'm pretty sure there's a printer model in game already that looks exactly like a real printer isn't there? Though I think it has some coding on it